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    In Marinhas do Sal, or Salinas de Rio Maior, there are several restaurants and small cafes, where you can enjoy local products and specialties:

    Salarium (next to the Salinas tanks, serves regional dishes and snacks)

    Churrasqueira Solar do Sal (regional cuisine, especially roasted chicken)

    Aldeia de Chãos

    Restaurante Terra Chã (panoramic restaurant, regional cuisine with local products)

    Alto da Serra

    At the entrance to Alto da Serra, on the national road on the way to the Mill:

    Cantinho da Serra (traditional dishes)

    Rio Maior

    Recantão (on the national road, next to Rio Maior, grilled meat specialty)

    Palhinhas Gold (in the city center)

    What to visit

    Mapa Moinho do Avô Tó

    The city of Rio Maior, which is about 5 km from the accommodation, offers all the necessary services, such as supermarkets, laundry, pharmacy, health centre, banks, restaurants, bakeries, cinema.

    In Salinas there is a Tourist Office where it is possible to obtain information about the points of interest in the area, as well as tourist entertainment companies that offer various activities, such as visits to the Salinas, walking tours and bicycle rental, among others.

    In Aldeia de Chãos, Cooperativa Terra Chã offers several activities and experiences related to the Serra, namely the possibility of being a shepherd for a day, walking and cycling tours, visits to the Alcobertas cave.

    In the Rio Maior area

    • Roman ruins in Rio Maior
    • Aldeia de Chãos, there is an association (Terra Chã), which maintains local traditions and customs, has a restaurant with a panoramic view over the valley, and typical gastronomy of the area, a weaving centre, a community herd (goats “sapadoras” that clean the land for the inhabitants of the village) and cheese production.
    • Aldeia das Alcobertas, in this village there is a Dolmén, or Anta, which is currently integrated in the Church
    • Next to the village of Alcobertas there is a spring, an interesting place that was formerly a water supply point for people and animals that travelled kilometres from the neighbouring villages in search of water, which has always been in short supply in the region.
    • Prismatic Basalt Formations of Portela de Teira

    Points of historical and architectural interest in the region

    • Santarém (rich in Portuguese Gothic churches)
    • Caldas da Rainha (Thermal Hospital and Bordalo Pinheiro)
    • Óbidos (medieval village)

    UNESCO World Heritage

    • Monastery of Alcobaça (Real Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Alcobaça)
    • Batalha Monastery (Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Vitória)
    • Tomar (Convento de Cristo)
    • Coimbra (University of Coimbra, Alta and Sofia)

    Other points of interest

    • Dinosaur Footprints Natural Monument – ​​Ourém/Torres Novas (Serra de Aire Footprints, or Pedreira do Galinha)
    • Dinosaur Theme Park in Lourinhã

    Nearby beaches

    • Foz do Arelho
    • Peniche
    • Praia d’El Rey
    • São Martinho do Porto
    • Nazaré
    • Other beaches in the West region

    Pedestrian Trails

    The ICNF defines a total of 16 Pedestrian Trails in Serra de Aire e Candeeiros, they are Small Routes in the PNSAC

    Municipality of Alcanena 

    • PR1 – Olhos de Água do Alviela 

    Municipality of Alcobaça 

    • PR1 – Vale de Ventos 

    Municipality of de Ourém 

    • PR1 – Bairro/Casal Farto 

    Municipality of Porto de Mós 

    • PR1 – Serra da Lua 
    • PR2 – Arco da Memória 
    • PR3 – Lapa dos Polcigões
    • PR4 – São Bento 
    • PR5 – Castelejo 
    • PR6 – Fórnea 
    • PR7 – Corredoura (Ecopista) 
    • PR8 – Serra Galega 
    • PR9 – Estrada Romana 

    Municipality of Rio Maior 

    • PR1 – Marinhas do Sal
    • PR2 – Chãos-Alcobertas 

    Municipality of Santarém 

    • PR1 – Gruta – Algar do Pena 

    Municipality of Torres Novas  

    • PR1 – Gruta do Almonda 

    Other Routes

    • Mata do Cerejal
    • Buraco Roto (Reguengo do Fetal, Batalha)  
    • PR3 – Rota dos Moinhos

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    Moinho do Avô Tó

    Estrada da Serra dos Candeeiros
    Alto da Serra
    2040-063 Rio Maior

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