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    Be part of the family

    Moinho do Avô Tó is a place full of memories and experiences of several generations – family gatherings and meetings with friends – that are expected to be preserved and continued, by sharing this place with all the people who want to visit it.

    This is a place in transformation and evolution, endowed with all the comfort and sustainable solutions, where care is taken to preserve the traditional essence and recover traditions and materials typical of the experience and ambience of the surrounding region.

    The property has about 3,600m2 and is integrated in the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park. Guests can enjoy an outdoor space on the property where there is a small vegetable garden, some fruit trees and a magnificent pool. The Mill, Miller’s House and Room with View are Pet Friendly spaces with access to wi-fi and TV.



    Max – 4 x  | Min – 2 x


    LOW SEASON | 08/01 a 31/05 | 1/10 a 20/12

    2 x – 80€ | 4 x – 100€ 

    HIGH SEASON | 01/06 a 30/09

    2 x – 100€ | 4 x – 120€ 

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    Miller’s House

    Max – 6 x  | Min – 4 x


    LOW SEASON | 08/01 a 31/05 | 1/10 a 20/12

    4 x – 140€ | 6 x – 165€ 

    HIGH SEASON | 01/06 a 30/09

    4 x – 150€ | 6 x – 175€ 

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    Room with View

    Max – 2 x  | Min – 2 x


    LOW SEASON | 08/01 a 31/05 | 1/10 a 20/12

    2 x – 60€

    HIGH SEASON | 01/06 a 30/09

    2 x  – 70€

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    In Serra de Aire and Candeeiros, next to Rio Maior, there are several windmills that were abandoned as the millers disappeared. One of these mills was purchased by my father.

    I was still a child and the mill became a central place, where family gatherings took place, such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays, the wedding parties of two of my sisters.

    At one point, my father turned the mill into a rural tourism project. I took great pleasure, first with my mother, later alone, in receiving guests, talking about the region, people, history and stories, geography, plants and animals.

    Even today there are guests who speak fondly of my father, sometimes recalling certain episodes.

    Anabela da Conceição Colaço

    Project Manager

    Moinho do Avô Tó is a cozy retreat in the middle of the Serra de Aire. The mill is close to all amenities and is easy to find, while at the same time you can feel a natural and private atmosphere. The mill has a classic decoration with everything you need, as well as a swimming pool with an excellent view of Rio Maior and the wonderful environs. The peace that surrounds the entire mill makes the stay an incredible moment. Returning without a doubt.

    Diogo Pereira

    january 2022

    The overnight stay was very interesting, quite cosy, all the amazing details. But simply amazing was the treatment given by Anabela, who, in addition to being very friendly and helpful, was kind enough to arrange a VIP breakfast for us just because in a pandemic the pastry shops were closed. Thank you very much and good luck.
    Luís Nina

    june 2021

    The magic of being inside a mill is super immersive. Simple, beautiful, tidy and super clean environment.
    The friendliness of Mrs. Anabela Colaço is beyond words. …
    Manuela Santos

    june 2021

    Best way to reset. All my surroundings forced me to turn off everything and live in the moment.
    Carolina Prata

    january 2021

    The mill is a very pleasant space to spend a few days away from confusion. They are prepared for the wind (which does not disturb the pool area during the day) and to make only quick meals, since the stove has only one burner.

    august 2020

    Paradise! Don’t count on extraordinary luxuries and comforts. There is no TV or Wi-Fi. It is a space with all the basic amenities, with more than sufficient comfort for the context. Here you sleep in a mill (be careful not to hit your head), cosy in peace and silence at the gates of the mountains. The wind is not much and in the pool area there is even less. 20 degrees weather and clear skies, it was enough to warm up and enjoy a bath. The view from the pool is phenomenal and it has no neighbours most of the year.
    Watch out for kids and animals for now, because the ground is open. However, the hostess will put up the fence soon.
    Recommended 100%. It’s a stay you won’t forget. At least my partner won’t forget her proposal, I hope. 🙂

    june 2019

    Casa da Serra is a perfect place to rest from the daily routine. Whenever I went to this house I felt rejuvenated, either by the pool where you can take long baths watching the sunset, or when I slept beside the fireplace at night. A great place to restore your energy.

    Rui Maciel

    january 2022

    Twice I was lucky enough to have beautiful moments in this mill. In both situations I went with friends and the space turned out to be ideal for fraternizing, but I believe that for a romantic walk it would work just as well, or maybe even better.

    Therefore, those looking for calm, and at the same time being close to all kinds of amenities, I recommend this little corner, hidden from the world but with an incredible view and an enviable proximity to everything. Whether it was to walk in the salt flats, to go shopping or to go to good restaurants, the trips were short and not boring.

    I had fun, rested, and felt at home for a few days… Mostly because of the privacy we were given, but also because of the pool, in summer, and the fireplace, in winter. Which only shows the ambivalence of the space. The lady of the house was very helpful on the occasion of our two stays.

    So, I just have to recommend that you spend a few days here. It is impossible to leave regretful!

    Bruno Vieira

    january 2022

    All the moments we spent at Avô Tó’s mill are worth it. An incredible surrounding space, a great pool, and a very tasteful windmill. It was a repeat week, without any complaints. Anabela was impeccable, always very attentive.
    Carlos Diogo

    september 2020

    The mill has a wonderful view. We spent a few peaceful days in this phenomenal space. We will be back!

    july 2020

    A spiritual experience. The whole experience was fantastic, the tranquillity and the possibility of sleeping in a mill is unique. The hosts are friendly and very helpful.

    may 2019

    Nature at its fullest! Perfect location, lots of nature, very quiet. The pool just for us is a very good point. It has enough facilities for a weekend stay, fridge, coffee machine, heater (it must be cold in winter).

    may 2019

    (+351) 918 470 020

    Moinho do Avô Tó

    Estrada da Serra dos Candeeiros
    Alto da Serra
    2040-063 Rio Maior

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